About us

Music publishing house Musedita was founded in 1999 by Italian musician and musicologist Alessandro Bares.

It offers practical editions of music from the XVII and XVIII century.
The base for our editions is one or more manuscripts (or prints) from the XVII or XVIII century.
Original writing customs are fully respected (e.g. in the notation of accidentals, which are repeated in the same bar, as they only refer to the note, not to entire measure. The rule saying that accidentals are valid during the whole bar didn't come before the half of the XVIII century).
However, some "modern" writing customs are introduced in order to make our editions more "practical". For example the regular division in bars, measure numbers, presentation in full score and separate parts, and so on.
The Basso Continuo is not realized, and the figures are notated as they are in the source. They are not "integrated" to provide full figuration. You can request Basso Continuo realization in the REALIZED BASSO CONTINUO section.
In general elements not coming from the source (e.g. fingerings, bowings and so on) are not included. If you find fingerings or bowings, it is because they are found in the source.

Evident mistakes are corrected without special marks, unless the correction could be made in different ways or the indication of the original version can provide some important musical information.

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