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With this form, you can REQUEST A QUOTE for the realization of the Basso Continuo of one or more pieces of the period between 1600 and 1750 ca., or more recent if the are composed in a style which is consistent with the concept of Basso Continuo.

You can choose any piece, vocal or instrumental: one sonata, a group of pieces or a whole opera!

WE CAN'T ACCEPT WORKS ON PIECES UNDER COPYRIGHT, unless you can demonstrate that you own them.

Processing time will be calculated from the day when we receive your approval of the budget.

When you approve the budget, we'll ask you to transmit the payment. In any case, the work will not be sent before receiving the proof of payment.

THE REQUEST OF QUOTE IS FREE OF CHARGE AND DOES NOT INVOLVE COMMITMENTS TO YOU. The invoice will be issued after your approval of the budget.


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If you don't specify the instrument, the realization will have a "neutral" style
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