Alessandro Bares


Alessandro Bares is the founder, owner and artistic director of the Musedita publishing house.
Born in Como (Italy) in 1970, he holds degrees in modern violin, piano, opera singing and musicology. He also holds a 'certificat d'├ętudes' in baroque violin (from the 'Centre de musique ancienne' in Geneva) and a Master's degree in musical research (from the 'Universidad Internacional de la Rioja', Madrid).
He began his career as a baroque violinist in 1991 with the Baroque Orchestra of the European Union, and over the next 10 years he collaborated with the greatest specialists of the baroque repertoire performed on original instruments. 
In 1999, he founded the Musedita publishing house, which specialises in publishing practical editions of instrumental music from the 17th and 18th centuries and currently has more than 500 collections of compositions in its catalogue.
In 2003, he had to suspend his concert career due to focal dystonia. Since then, he has been studying the problem of focal dystonia among musicians, analysing all its facets, and has been able to resume playing professionally.
From 2008 to 2013, he was the permanent conductor of the Milan Opera Company and the Aleramica Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Having obtained a first level diploma as a practitioner of the Grinberg Method, he created the 'Focal Dystonia Programme in Musicians' in 2023, with which he helps musicians suffering from this disorder to resume their artistic life. The programme collaborates with leading Italian Grinberg practitioners.

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